从我们的冒险励志故事翔实经历毛利旅游业在新西兰。亚搏yabo下载 Contact details and where the experiences are located are included in each blog.



他们一直以来忙得不得了,当新西兰毛利旅游去与他们见面在三月中旬,也就是从那时起,他们喝了最安静的几天 - 这是与亚搏yabo下载我们在早上在那里,然后在爱尔兰家庭 spending the afternoon with them.

关闭国道一在麦凯的路口,我们向内地进发到Akatarawa范围。 There was no missing our location - a quad bike propped up on the water tank signaled we were in the right place.

丰富和塔比瑟是住在这里的梦想了 - 他们的小儿子罗素在小溪宠物金枪鱼(长鳍鳗),知道所有的居民的野生动物,并在他的家门口了18500公顷布什的探索。 Then of course, there are the many visitors that find their way to Kāpiti Fourx4 and soon find themselves feeling as though they're part of the whānau.

加油我们的胃的行列后,我们被带到通过做好准备 - 胶靴,过裤子,夹克和头盔 - 强制性照片拍摄之前。

我承认,我才能上车,但很快罗里平息我的恐惧之前很紧张。 He very calmly and thoroughly went over everything I needed to know, made sure that I was feeling safe, and that I felt comfortable on the vehicle before we headed off to the practice track. Plus, I'd figured if 16 year olds could do it, I should easily be able to do it being twice the age!

我觉得西蒙有点烧毁了骑顺序走到罗里,我,他,然后瑞奇 - 这意味着他不能起床,我敢肯定,他希望将速度 - 但是,它是完美的,我作为罗里 would turn around to give me a thumbs up to check if I was doing ok, to signal what gear we should move the vehicles into, and to let us know when it was time to prepare for a photo op.

老实说,我对车辆小时的最伤脑筋的部分是在对初学者赛道开始花了很短的时间中,我们得到一个感受我们的车辆和了解到他们是如何表现在铁轨上。 Once we conquered that and were up in the bush, it was pure bliss! The vehicles were used to the terrain and once I realised they are made to travel over rocky, uneven surfaces, I was able to fully enjoy myself.

关于通过我们搭了一半,罗里通知给我们拉起来。 There was a decent stretch of flooded water ahead of us on the track and we were going to go through it - I think you can tell from the grin on my face how awesome it was!

罗里&Rich组合告诉我们,因为惠灵顿是多年来的最好的夏天的经验之一,布什是很多干燥得比通常是。 They highly recommended visiting in winter after some rain, when sloshing through the puddles that dot the track is a whole lot of muddy fun!

他们把我们看到一个巨大的芮木树,估计是大约1000岁。 It's incredible that it's still standing proud, considering a lot of this land was used for logging up until the 1970s - in fact, many homes in Wellington have been built using timber from this forest.

我们收到了来自于“基地” Tabitha的回对讲机呼叫,让我们知道,未来集团已提前一个小时,因为他们太兴奋进入它! There are a range of other activities available, and they were happily competing in archery when we arrived back.

我们对车辆的时间是一个伟大的介绍 - 我们也许有经验的占了18500公顷布什的那卡皮蒂Fourx4必须同意使用过我们的小时的份额,所以有很多更多的发现!

回到基地,我们喜欢看的照片进行罗里和蔼地对我们在我们的相机,而罗里照顾清洗车辆并对其进行安全检查的下一组就拿出来了。 I know that they would have been in for an incredible few hours with the team, and come away from it with a huge grin on their face, a surge of adrenaline racing through their bodies, and a desire to get out there again. Well, at least that's how we felt!


区域总监西蒙·菲利普斯,及传讯经理艾米霍金森花时间与卡皮蒂Fourx4冒险。 New Zealand Māori Tourism pays for all our experiences.


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